Event description

The format of the swim is swimming in the pool between the open water signal buoys in the shape of a triangle. Distance length - 75m


- 1 triangle

- 2 triangles

- Relay 3 x 1 triangle

Age categories separately for women and men:

     1 triangle - 8-9 l, 10-11 l, 12-13 l, 14-19 l, 20-29 l, 30-39 l, 40-49 l, 50-59 l, 60+ l

    2 triangles - 8-9 L, 10-11 L, 12-13 L, 14-19 L, 20-29 L, 30-39 L, 40-49 L, 50-59 L, 60+ L

      relay race 3 x 1 triangle - 8-9 liters, 10-11 liters, 12-13 liters, 14-19 liters, 20-29 liters, 30-39 liters, 40-49 liters, 50-59 liters, 60+ liters

Important!!! The number of participants (limit) at one distance, one age, one gender is limited. No more than 30 people !!!

Attention! There is no timekeeping during the races. Competitions are held according to the principle "ONLY THE FIRST THREE ATHLETES CONTINUE TO COMPETE FURTHER".

September 25 Preliminary Races - Each race has 10 competitors of the same age group and gender in the same distance. - The number of races of the same distance for one age group and one gender - no more than 3.

In each such race, only the first 3 athletes are determined, from which the final race in the amount of 9 people is formed (which starts the next day). 3 races x 3 athletes = 9 finalists

September 26 - morning - finals. In each such final race, only 3 first athletes are determined, from which each SUPERFINAL RACE is formed in the amount of 3 people or 3 teams in the relay.

September 26 - day - super final

In each super final, only one "CRAZY RACER" is determined, who is awarded a valuable prize from the sponsor !!!

* ZCM OPEN INDOOR - "Crazy Races" will take place every 2 (two) months in the amount of 5 (five) stages.

At the last stage (in May 2022), prize points are calculated for all "Crazy Races"

Anyone who scored 11,500 prize points or more will be awarded with a vacation package abroad from a sponsor. Tour price = sum of prize points !!

FOP Petrov Eduard Valeriyvych is the organizer of the event